In the beginning the ending seems so far away

In the beginning the ending seems so far away….


In the beginning you never think how much you will want one more minute in a busy street, or in an overcrowded cab that clearly didn’t fit all six of us. How much you will actually miss waiting for a cab in a busy street. Or how the air smells like this mixture of spices and foods that you had never tasted before. How much you will want to walk around town one more time. See all the lights and all the colours of the city. In the beginning you never think how fast time will go by. How you will wish you could look all the people and the way they bring the city to life, just one more time. And that everything keeps going on without you… Well, that just too tortuous to think about. I hope Amman forgives me for all the days I cursed my luck, thinking how much I would like to be in my hometown enjoying the summer. Not being an exuberant country, its simple beauty and nature sneak up on you. And by the time I realized it, Jordan had taken an adoring, permanent place in my memory.

It’s an unfair thing, time. At close, it looks infinite. But from a distance, so limited.
I thank CaBuReRa for providing the opportunity to know all the places and all the people I met. These past six months were quite an experience and I’m very happy to have been a part of it.

To all the people with whom I shared this experience and who were my companions for three months, I miss you dearly!

Sara Magalhães

Portuguese TG2 in Jordan

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