Diary: 3rd July 2015

I am going to tell you a story about a special city that has a special place in my heart… From the moment I arrived here I had faith that this place will change something in me, will give me an opportunity to see life in a different way. That has happened, not only because it’s about traveling and getting to know new people, I believe that it’s all related to the city itself, its people in the first place, its nature and its simplicity too.

Words can’t describe how gentle, kind and generous people are in here and nothing can give you a clear image of the wonderful nature… Beaches, islands, birds singing all day, move and rose flowers near the Marina, people dancing in the streets, cultural festivals, and live music every weekend… All of these small details bring a peaceful feeling inside me and that what makes it a one of a kind city that will be in my heart and mind forever.

Well, working life here is something that can make you love working! The idea that people work together and have a team spirit as they are a family that aims to achieve a goal will make you proud and pleased to be a part of it. You will have that inside courage to prove yourself and do the best you can do in order to add something valuable to this cohesive and successful family. And besides all of that they always try to strengthen this family through interesting team building activities outside the work.

From today, only one month left and I am trying to feel every single moment in this city to make this month a special one… Thanks to every single person who is making this mobility going in a wonderful way this means a lot to me seeing you doing a great effort so that we can get the best from this experience.

Dalia Lubbadeh

Dalia Lubbadeh

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