A Palestinian’s experience in Portugal


“Can we make this quick? My friends are leaving Portugal soon…”
Sometimes I find little pieces of paper that give me clues that am really enjoying my time .
Friendship is the soul’s heaven .
#Faro #Portugal

Pouvon-nous faire vite ? Mes amis vont bientot partir du Portugal ”

Parfois, je trouve de petits morceaux de papier qui me prouve que je profite de moment pr
ésente .
L’amitié est le paradis de l’âme.
#Faro #Portugal


!خلينا نحكيها سريعا لنو أصحابي مسافرين قريبا من البرتغال 
مرات بكون ابعبش باغراضي ف بلاقي هيك شوية اوراق بيذكروني قديش انا مبسوط بكل لحظة من حياتي
.الصداقة جنة الروح
#Faro #Portugal

Wisam Jabarin


Although I have traveled a lot, when I came to Portugal, I didn’t know what to expect. Since I came here my experience has been amazing, starting from the professional life, ending with the personal one.

Every day in Faro I meet new people, I learn different values, and language. It’s amazing how my experience could also match and affect others. A few days ago I was walking in the old part of the city of Faro (Cidade Velha), I found a kid playing football, I couldn’t just pass and not play with him, that look on his face just remind me of my childhood in the refugee camp, it was awesome how we don’t even speak the same language but we just played football for almost half an hour, I could manage to know his name by body language “Ricardo”.

My journey in Portugal started almost a month ago, but I already feel like home, I was amazed how quickly I adapted to this place, especially the old part of the city.

I’m truly looking forward to live and add more memories to the beautiful ones that I already have.


Baraah Owdeh

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