A Whole New Life!


Nardeen Al Sunna´

It wouldn’t be weird if I said that this place changes a lot of things in me, I mean in my personality and my way of seeing things around me, having the chance to be in this amazing place with a group of amazing people which I can call them now my Family, also getting friends from other Countries and cultures telling them about Jordan and how beautiful my country is was a whole new experience I hope I can do it more and more again.

Nardeen Al Sunna´

As a student of archaeology I was attracted to “Faro” this old quite beautiful city that takes your breath away, I Couldn’t feel bored or getting tired of walking for hours and hours every day through a maze of cobbled streets, watching the incredible Ancient archaeological buildings also decorating the streets with the Ceramic tiles I think it provide a fascinating insight into the history and culture of the city.

Nardeen Al Sunna´Nardeen Al Sunna´

The smell of the sea, the waves , the sunset and the sounds of the birds every day is something I Will Always Remember 🙂

Through my tourism tour in Lagos I got a fantastic view of the sweeping sands of Lagos bay with the towering hills and swimming in the Ocean between the Rocks and hills was no one can imagine how i feel after doing that!


Nardeen Al Sunna´

I have also visited some of Lisbon’s famous squares, explore vibrant, multicultural neighborhoods, watched a spectacular view of the city, saw the street artists and I was so in love with the electric trams in the Chiado.

It´s going to take me more pages and lines to talk about my life in Portugal, so I will only say that am glad and so lucky to have this amazing experience to work with CRIA Association and be part of CaBuReRa Project.

Nardeen 22jun2015 6

Much love to ANJE and to all the great team who works there 🙂


Nardeen Al Sunna´

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