“One day the world will be one country”

AbbasHi! I am Abbass Mouawia from Lebanon and I am 24 years old. I am an interior architect and I graduated  nearly 9 months ago. I would like to talk about my special experience in Palermo city with CaBuReRa project: this experience with CESIE organization has been the beginning of my professional life and the quantum leap in my curriculum vitae. They gave me a valuable opportunity for gaining experience and knowledge and discover other cultures and societies. I met a lot of new people and make new friends from other countries and backgrounds, and of course I can’t forget the great chance of enhancing my life by travelling and visiting other countries and cities. I remember that at the very beginning of the project I was quite homesick but thanks to CESIE’s team the situation changed soon: they make me feel like I was in my country with my family and they worked hard to find the better place for me to work. I did an internship in FABLAB, that is really a good place with also the better people and stuff I’ve ever met. Those people also worked hard for teaching me the basics and fundamental ways to work in my domain as well as how to deal with people; they also gave me hundreds of creative ideas. One of the most important benefits I got from the CaBuReRa experience is surely the Italian class: it really makes me proud being able to speak the most romantic language in the world and to interact with the “palermitani”, people who gave me the help I need when I asked for some information about buses, streets, beaches, etc.

I am pretty sure that CaBuReRa project will be a strong ally in my professional life and a source of amazing memories in my social life . I hope from the depth of my heart that I’ll stay in contact with my new CESIE family and with all the people I met in Palermo. I am very thankful for all the support and help they gave to me and I really appreciate the CESIE’s efforts in dealing with us.

Thank you for your hospitality, thank you so much.

Abbass Mouawia

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