About CaBuReRa

CaBuReRa is an ENPI CBC Med 2-year project promoting the collaboration among Mediterranean territories. It aims at contributing to reduce youth unemployment by offering mobility opportunities for the professional development of young people.

CaBuReRa aims to promote collaboration among Mediterranean region through mobility and professional development of 90 young people, and to support the co-development of civil society organisations and local authorities of Mediterranean countries, in addition to develop an active networking among young people, local organisations, youth workers, public and education institutions, in order to coordinate strategies and  activities aimed to facilitate the transition from education to labour market.

Projects Clustering


medmobil-logoMed-mobil has as a main objective to contribute to a sustainable and harmonious cooperation process and promote dialogue in the Mediterranean Sea Basin by outlining, testing and supporting a multistakeholders Mediterranean mobility framework that would facilitate educational, cultural and economic exchange as well as social cohesion. To achieve this objective, the project will create a framework of cooperation to support future regulations and improve and consolidate programmes and initiatives aiming to facilitate the exchange of students, professionals and young entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean area, making it capable to compare with other geographical areas.

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daedalus-logoDAEDALUS means “euro-meDiterranean cAreer & Employment aDvisor portAl for the mobiLity of yoUng residentS”. DAEDALUS is a technologically enhanced tool conceived for meeting the needs of young residents seeking employment in the labour markets of the Mediterranean Sea Basin by enhancing their career and business opportunities and matching their qualifications and skills with existing needs in neighbouring countries. The Daedalus portal allows young people, entrepreneurs, ICT companies, online business, regional and local employment associations to enter a cross-border platform where matching labour market demand and supply and meeting a valuable pool of young people and professionals across the Mediterranean area. The project supports a platform that integrates information sharing, the dissemination of business content and career advising methodologies through a comprehensive and multi-media plan.

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netkite-logoNETKITE – Cross-border NETwork to foster Knowledge intensive business Incubation and TEchnology transfer, is the ENPI CBC Med project designed to convey innovation born in research labs into the industrial system and promote the mutual exchange among young spin-off companies or with more mature enterprises already operating on the market; this model is already adopted by several business incubators and technology transfer bodies. The network will facilitate the creation and consolidation of micro and small creative enterprises, assisting their start-up phase and supporting, locally and transnationally, the consolidation of business networks. Pilot initiatives will define opportunities for future innovation; in this way the technology transfer and spin-off development process will be improved; the idea is to spread the co-creation and co-design philosophy in the Mediterranean area and to open out the transnational cooperation with EU organizations.

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