An adventure called CaBuReRa!

CaBuReRa adventureIt’s been exactly two years since the beginning of this adventure.

Yes, CaBuReRa was an adventure for me!

When I was informed that I was going to coordinate an ENPI project about youth mobility with Mediterranean countries, I thought that surely it would have been a demanding path, full of unpredictable challenges, but I never expected it to be primarily an opportunity to meet new people, refresh my knowledge of Arabic and, above all, a way to get in contact with a world and a culture, the Arab one, that increasingly scares and causes distrust.

During these two years I have learned new things related to project management, both from the financial and administrative point of view. I have been able to confront myself with new ways of work and time management. But mostly I learned what it means to live in Lebanon, where a young girl does not have the freedom to choose whom to marry, I discovered the situation of Syrian refugees in Jordan, and I saw with my own eyes how a young Palestinian lives and what it means to live under a continuous control and, above all, deprived of the freedom of movement and of thought.

These two years have been very intense, full of surprises, unexpected events and new, generous and interesting people.

And that is why I will not forget any of them!

I will always thank all of them for having shared with me their stories, their thoughts and their “craziness”, that were also instilled in me!

So THANK YOU Nairouz, Muna, Mohammad, Valentina V., Luisa, Anna, Valentina A., Sara, Federica N, Alice, Federica M., Aurora, Antea, Giorgio, Mario, Alessia , Marta, Sofia, Dario, Caterina, Rosa, Ghaida, Olivia, Suha, Natali, Baraah, Noor, Dalia, Hassan, Wisam, Asil, Saja, Haya, Ibrahim, Yazeed, Georgia, Katerina, Konstantinos, Nicky, Stamatia, Konstantinos, Giorgos, Eftychia, Giorgos T., Katerina, Haris Rose, Hussein, Abbass, Batoul, Zahraa, Hamza, Hussein, Yousef, Reem, Sara R., Sara M., Antonio, Ana, Helga, Daniel, Marisa, Monica, Osvaldo, Ana Catarina, Deema, Ragheb, Zaid, Husein, Esra’a, Al Ali, Dyaa, Zaid K., Nidal, Nahar, Ahmad, Bayan, Sereene, Sara Q., Nardeen, Amro.

Rita Quisillo

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