Cooperation job vacancies in Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Guinea Conakry

comiCOMI – Cooperation for the world in development, is looking for a Coordinator to go to Senegal. Duration of the contract: 12 months renewable.

Candidacies expires the 11th September 2016




cisv_zen_logoCISV is looking for a Project Coordinator in Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Guinea Conakry. Candidacies expires the 15th of September 2016

Job venue: Dakar, with travels to Saint Louis (Senegal), to Kankan (Guinea)  and Oio, Cacheu and Tombali (Guinea Bissau)
Salary: around 1.700 euro
Duration of the contract: 9 months 
Starting date: 1st October 2016


Job opportunity: Country Director in Lebanon for GVC ngo

GVCGVC – Country Director – Lebanon

The NGO GVC is selecting a Country Director to be included in its operations in Lebanon: duration 1 year, renewable.

Candidacies expires September 15, 2016.

Country Director, Lebanon
Location: Lebanon, Beirut and Bekaa Valley
Duration: 12 month renewable, immediate availability preferable
Deadline: 15th of September 2016


The Country Director purpose is to manage and coordinate the team in productive, motivated and appropriate way; lead and supervise existing projects, develop new programs and coordinate operations in Lebanon for GVC within Emergency, LRRD and Developmental framework. He/she must be willing to travel extensively to conduct regular site visits for all programs, develop new working opportunities, development of sound relations with key players.

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An adventure called CaBuReRa!

CaBuReRa adventureIt’s been exactly two years since the beginning of this adventure.

Yes, CaBuReRa was an adventure for me!

When I was informed that I was going to coordinate an ENPI project about youth mobility with Mediterranean countries, I thought that surely it would have been a demanding path, full of unpredictable challenges, but I never expected it to be primarily an opportunity to meet new people, refresh my knowledge of Arabic and, above all, a way to get in contact with a world and a culture, the Arab one, that increasingly scares and causes distrust.

During these two years I have learned new things related to project management, both from the financial and administrative point of view. I have been able to confront myself with new ways of work and time management. But mostly I learned what it means to live in Lebanon, where a young girl does not have the freedom to choose whom to marry, I discovered the situation of Syrian refugees in Jordan, and I saw with my own eyes how a young Palestinian lives and what it means to live under a continuous control and, above all, deprived of the freedom of movement and of thought.

These two years have been very intense, full of surprises, unexpected events and new, generous and interesting people.

And that is why I will not forget any of them!

I will always thank all of them for having shared with me their stories, their thoughts and their “craziness”, that were also instilled in me!

So THANK YOU Nairouz, Muna, Mohammad, Valentina V., Luisa, Anna, Valentina A., Sara, Federica N, Alice, Federica M., Aurora, Antea, Giorgio, Mario, Alessia , Marta, Sofia, Dario, Caterina, Rosa, Ghaida, Olivia, Suha, Natali, Baraah, Noor, Dalia, Hassan, Wisam, Asil, Saja, Haya, Ibrahim, Yazeed, Georgia, Katerina, Konstantinos, Nicky, Stamatia, Konstantinos, Giorgos, Eftychia, Giorgos T., Katerina, Haris Rose, Hussein, Abbass, Batoul, Zahraa, Hamza, Hussein, Yousef, Reem, Sara R., Sara M., Antonio, Ana, Helga, Daniel, Marisa, Monica, Osvaldo, Ana Catarina, Deema, Ragheb, Zaid, Husein, Esra’a, Al Ali, Dyaa, Zaid K., Nidal, Nahar, Ahmad, Bayan, Sereene, Sara Q., Nardeen, Amro.

Rita Quisillo

#EVS20: Mobility as a tool for non-formal education

caburera-scuola.The International mobility experience is considered as a new non formal education opportunity for people to gain new experience and new personal and professional skills and thus to promote their social and professional carrier.


Mobility as a tool for non- formal education

21 April 2016, 10:00 – 13:00
Liceo Classico Vittorio Emanuele II
Via Simone di Bologna 11, Palermo

Several studies confirm that most of the people realizing such mobility experiences (short and long) has concrete values in terms of skills, open mind, self-confidence, flexibility and adaptability. Moreover the mobility experience is a way to learn a new language and for sure it can allow you to become better aware of what you want to achieve in your future life.

During the mobility experience, young people can develop social and intercultural skills that are more and more required in the labour market.

So that, participating in a mobility experience is a concrete, real and enriching tool for the young people, the local community and partners who will all receive and give expertise, knowledge, experience and feelings.

CESIE, the 21st of April from 10:00 to 13:00 will have the pleasure to meet the students of the Vittorio Emanuele II in order to promote the mobility as tool of non-formal education.



  • 10:00 Welcoming
  • 10:15 Presentation of the Project CaBuReRa – Capacity Building Relay Race
  • 10:45 Presentation of the European Voluntary Service: educational and technical aspects
  • 11:15 Presentation of Youth Exchange & Training Courses
  • 11:30 Sharing experiences
  • 12:00 Mobility Opportunities!
  • 12:30 Open Discussion

N.B. The event is reserved to the students of Vittorio Emanuele II.

CaBuReRa International Seminar, Live on YouTube from Palestine!

CaBuReRa: Seminario Internazionale, in diretta su Youtube dalla Palestina

Are you interested in EuroMediterranean Cooperation, Youth Empowerment & Mobility Programmes?

Mark your calendar as busy on Tuesday March 15th, 2016 at 9:30 am: you’ll have the chance to attend CaBuReRa International Seminar, on live broadcast at CESIE’s Youtube Channel from Ramallah, Palestine.


The Seminar, held by JUHOUD for Community and Rural Development in Collaboration with the Ministry of Labor in Palestine, will take place in Palestine Technical Colleges – Ramallah/Girls in Ramallah on Tuesday March 15th, 2016 at 9:30 am.

The aim of the seminar is to speak about the Youth & Unemployment in Palestine and Mediterranean Countries, Polices & Regional Initiatives, and to present as part of CaBuReRa Project: Youth Mobility Program funded by ENPI CBCMED, Participants Experience’s, Achievements, Future Opportunities, Sustainability and New Initiatives.

Moreover, eminent speakers will attend the seminar, including International Partners from Italy, Portugal, Greece & Jordan, representatives of the public authorities, other partners engaged in the management of youth mobility projects, beside young participants from the region: a unique moment to share their experience in Palestine and in Europe.

Don’t miss the Question & Answers Session, after each speaker: you can ask your own question just using the chat box next to the video stream.

We are looking forward for your participation in the seminar.

Call for Participation to the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Forum 2016

alf-forum-2016The Anna Lindh Foundation announces The Anna Lindh Foundation announces the Call for Participation to the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Forum 2016, which will take place in Valletta, Malta, on 24th and 25th October 2016.

Representatives of civil society organisations member of the Anna Lindh Networks based across the 42 countries of the Union for the Mediterranean are invited to apply to get involved in the region’s primary gathering for intercultural dialogue.

The Forum will bring together civil society organisations, youth associations, regional institutions, media bodies, donor agencies and foundations to exchange practices, to promote partnerships and to advocate for policy and operational measures for a new horizon of people-to-people cooperation around the Mediterranean, based on a set of common values and putting intercultural dialogue as the central tool for this cooperation and as a response to the main regional socio-cultural challenges.

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Together in difference: a great team at work

palermo-arabaWhat the CaBuReRa project means to us?

In every day of our life, it has never been that easy to appreciate the value of something, while you are still living it. More or less, this is what happened during the CaBuReRa experience.

The reason is that we were so focused on our mobility abroad, with all those sensitive issues related to it, that we almost forgot the importance of the second part of the project in our homeland.

But, to be honest, the local internship in Palermo trained me more than what I expected and, from my perspective, that occurred not just because I improved some skills I already acquired before.

Me and my colleagues, we have had the chance to work in a non-competitive and friendly space. This allowed us be the most confident and creative we could. CESIE became our daily track, the place we spent more than half of our time, working and then hanging around with our colleagues, organising dinners, parties or events. It suddenly became difficult to understand when work finished and life started. And this happens when you like your job and you are devoted to it.

With other participants, I even had the opportunity to propose my own project, to design it, to discuss about it and finally to implement it. Project cycle management became interesting, stimulating, fulfilling and funny. Our ideas started to have an impact on our city, in our country. Full management of this project allowed us develop new skills, and improve those we had already acquired; most importantly, it taught us how to deal with young people from our city (as target group of the project) and helped us realise how fun, interesting and exciting Palermo can be.

And the funniest thing is that we were born and we have been living in Palermo in the same city, and we never met before. But luckily, we employed this last year to know more about each other, to retrieve the time we missed, turning ourselves into incredibly good working partners and friends.

Recalling this experience with all the moments we spent together, it is clear that it was more than a friendship: we grew together. It was an important moment of our life, the end of university and the beginning of work. We faced this strange changeover together, it was as we shared it.

Exactly one year ago, our experience as TG2 started: we then reached many and different places, we lived so many different lives, and we met again in Palermo, where everything started.

Now here we are, together in difference, close in distance, a great team at work, great friends everywhere else.

Federica, Marta & Sofia

A visit to Khraybeh Municipality

A visit to Khraybeh Municipality 4On 12th of December some element of the Lebanese CaBuReRa Team went together with the trainer to the Municipality of Khraybeh. After taking one Van and Taxi, we arrive to one of most far the Municipalities, situated just for 4Km away from Syria (See photo 1). Apparently we found a calm place, having in attention all the tough and problematic times that Syria is passing through (and curiously we could even see a car with this hoping statement , contrasting with the current living situation – “Live Well, Love Much…Laugh Often” – See photo 2).

After discussing the needs of Khraybeh Municipality with the Mayor, we reach to a point about continuing the school building they were constructing before with the help of a Lebanese Party from the Government (See photo 3).

There was no doubt that this Municipality is not having so much support because of the location. I felt that is possible to work on the Municipality and individuals (mainly NGOS or INGOs) are just afraid to go in such place (See photo 4), were people are working in agriculture (See photo 5), selling products (ex. Bread) door by door, and where there is the willing to do much more on a daily basis, starting for example for the Education of the Khraybeh children.

We know that in a near future it is possible to help the Khraybeh Municipality with some project that will bring life and development to the population, because there is not such a war or threat that can be stronger that the determination to do!

António Oliveira

A visit to Khraybeh Municipality A visit to Khraybeh Municipality 2  A visit to Khraybeh Municipality 4 A visit to Khraybeh Municipality 5 A visit to Khraybeh Municipality 3

Challenges with CaBuReRa: Zahraa’s experience

Challenges with CaBuReRa: Zahraa’s experience

caburera_palermo_ZaharaaI am Zahraa Nemer from Lebanon, specifically from Bekaa Valley. I was born and I have always lived in Baalbeck city. I am an archaeologist and restoration expert, currently at Lebanese university going to begin my doctor post graduate session. My hobbies include reading and creative writting. My aim in life is to make a difference, with whatever  I get to do, and continue to live in the thoughts of the people I love even after this life fades away. I hate to see people being selfish and living their lives as if they are gonna go on forever. Sometimes I would say to these people: “remember you got a package here, make the most of it and give more than you take. Have a happy life”.

About two months ago I had a life changing experience with CaBuReRa Project to promote my intercultural, and interactive skills having a new experience in project management cycle and a new opportunity to go abroad other wise adding a new exciting Italian language. So I moved to a little city called Palermo, located in Sicily, a big island in the South of Italy.

It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Being in the presence of such beauty helped me see life from a different perspective. I was just going to be happy, appreciate what I have, be open-minded, not take anything for granted, and love everyone and everything.

The experience of CaBuReRa  Youth project was incredible. It has had an enormous impact on me in many ways, changing the way I look at the world and connecting me with people and events far beyond my formerly limited experience. I am extremely glad to have had this opportunity. It was a wonderful experience on multiple levels. It challenged me and expanded me intellectually and socially. I feel that this experience has had an immense impact on me. Through this program I had first-hand access to some of the brightest young minds in both the European countries and the world.

Now that I am at the end of my destination period I want to thank all people I met for all the efforts they gave to me; I want also to thank everyone who have taught me in CaBuReRa project. The knowledge and wisdom you have imparted upon me has been a great help and support throughout my career. I believe my success is at least in part due to your sincere support and mentorship.

Let me express my deepest gratitude for believing in me. You have been excellent friends, teachers, mentors and a great inspiration for me. You have inspired me to pursue my goals with hard work and dedication. You have shown me the value of honesty, sincerity and trust in work.

I truly appreciate and value everything I have learned from you. It will forever remain a major contributor behind my success and achievements. I really look forward to the day I can do the same for someone else and never forget you.

Thank you, once again, for your time, support and patience.

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