Being a Part of A Great NGO at In Loco

Mónica 3 28set2015

My second phase of The CaBuReRa Project began at the 24th August. I had the

opportunity to choose where I wanted to continue my journey and I my choice was In

Loco association.

like to tell you about In Loco.

If you don’t know this NGO you really should and I will make your life easy by

introducing it to you!

This Portuguese NGO was a finalist for the award of European NGO of the Year, award that is being given by European Civic Forum due to their work of promoting civic participation, citizenship and European values.

In the case of winning this award, In loco will be presenting their work at the World

Democracy Forum in Strasbourg, France.

I have to say that for me is very exciting to be integrated on this amazing Association

that I have always admired. Besides promoting all of the above, In Loco works in

different fields like: vocational training, cultural and natural heritage, responsible and

sustainable tourism, social and cultural identity of the rural communities, research,

participatory budgeting, sustainable development, entrepreneurship and innovation,…

Mónica 2 28set2015

This is a great opportunity for me to grow as a person and also as a professional,

having the chance to work in different areas, all of them related do what I’ve studied,

and really understanding what does it means to be a part of a great NGO.

Mónica Mendonça


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