Blossoming: Life Experiences

Since the day I get back home (Jordan) and start working with Al Hayat Center, my life style has definitely changed, working with a Team Full of power, passion, and energy, a group of people who work and give from their hearts because they love their Job. Now I myself have become so passionate about my work and my personality got stronger, I also found out that I can work under pressure , I want to prove myself and to my community to show that women can be successful and effective and they have the power to make a change in this world.

After the RASED Project Conference with Al Hayat Team

Working with RASED for Government Monitoring Project opened for me Doors to get into political life (, knowing more about our laws, elections, writing reports and focusing on what’s important. I appreciate the fact that Al Hayat team Worked hard with us to build our skills in many fields, and made our experience a constructive one.

Spending those 3 months in Portugal helped me a lot to improve myself, believing in myself was the most important thing for me, it wasn’t my first time to be out of Jordan alone, but it was the first time for me to have the  sense of independence and ambition to be the best.

Living with 8 people from different cultures, thoughts, beliefs, and different life styles showed me that no matter where life puts me I can be myself, and present myself and my country in the best way I Can 🙂

TG2 at the office

(Sarah, Olivia, Natali, Reem, Baraa, Dalia, Amro, and wisam ) each one of them touched my life and changed me into a better person I’ve learned from each one of them how to think before I speak, how to face the challenges with a smile, to be wise, caring, loving, strong, and responsible as well.

I am blessed to have had this chance and those people in my life… They became my Family 🙂

My new family

– Nardeen Sunaa, TG2 in Jordan

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