CaBuReRa meets Jordanian students: Dissemination Seminar on Unemployment and Job Opportunities at the University of Jordan

As a closing event of their mobility programme in Jordan, the CaBuReRa interns at Al Hayat Centre For Civil Society Development organised and held a “dissemination seminar”, which took place on the 27th of July at the University of Jordan. The seminar  focused on the topic of unemployment, as well as on the methods and attitudes that youth should take in order to overcome this problem.


Lack of job opportunities, lower salaries, and a more and more competitive labour market, are nowadays issues affecting young people globally. The Mediterranean area is certainly one of the regions mostly interested by this phenomenon, with Greece, Italy and Portugal (the countries of origin of the European CaBuReRa participants) being on the “black list” of European countries with respect to youth unemployment.


Nonetheless, a programme such as CaBuReRa shows how useful mobility can be for the personal and professional life of youth, adding a recognised international experience in their curriculum and enhancing their employability both in their country and abroad. The aim of the seminar was thus to share experience and knowledge with Jordanian university students, who will soon face the same challenges as their European colleagues.


The 18 students participating in the event, mostly coming from the faculties of Foreign Languages and International Studies, showed a strong interest in travelling and improving their knowledge and skills in a foreign country. During the seminar they could learn about programmes and online platforms offering Euro-Mediterranean mobility opportunities, study and research programmes in Europe, as well as international traineeship and jobs. Furthermore, they were given tips on how to render their applications more effective and their profile more appealing in their future search for a job.


The event was concluded by an open and informal discussion, during which the students and the CaBuReRa participants exchanged information and experiences. The meeting proved to be an important source of inspiration for both students and interns, as well as a good starting point for the creation of new networks and ideas.


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