CABURERA’s Relay Race prepares new group for the mobility experience

From April 27 to 29, ANJE organised the Relay Race, in Tertúlia Algarvia, in Faro, Portugal. The session brought together the group returning from the first part of the mobility and the young unemployed candidates for the second part. It was a moment for exchange of experiences in preparation for the next period of the mobility.

relay race relay race1

The three days offered many activities for the groups. On the first day of the Relay Race the now returning group evaluated their mobility experience, identifying acquired skills and their practical implementation in their work. For the group selected for the next period of mobility, the first day was dedicated for clarifying logistical questions, as well as their rights and responsibilities related to the CaBuReRa project.

relay race6 relay race8


Mentoring was the main tool for the last two days of the sharing session. The first group of participants introduced the mobility to the new group, leaving them with some practical advices for the new experience of training and working abroad.

relay race5 relay race4

The new elements of the second stage of the CaBuReRa program left in the beginning of May for Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine, where they are having the chance of working in implementation projects with local organisations. The acquisition of professional and personal skills, networking and international workshops in project management are other useful aspects of the mobility.

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