CaBuReRa participants join the Daedalus International Seminar in Palestine

Daedalus seminar PalestineThe Daedalus International Seminar Tackling Youth Unemployment in Palestine took place in Ramallah, Palestine on 26th and 27th May 2015. Two days devoted to discuss and analyse issues elated to the Palestinian work market, with a special focus on the situation of the youngest employees.

A great number of people joined the seminar. Also CaBuReRa young participants in Palestine were actively involved in it, as they presented the CaBuReRa platform on 27th May. Partner of both projects is the Palestinian organization Juhoud for Community&Rural Development.

These two projects shared almost the same goals. Daedalus, like CaBuReRa, is an ENPI CBC MED project aimed to help young people living in the Mediterranean Sea basin find a job, by enhancing their career and business opportunities.

The Daedalus portal allows young people, entrepreneurs, ICT companies, online business, regional and local employment associations to enter a cross-border platform where matching labour market demand and supply and meeting a valuable pool of young people and professionals across the Mediterranean area. The platform is a useful tool as it integrates information sharing, the dissemination of business content and career advising methodologies through a comprehensive and multi-media plan.

Since CaBuReRa platform collects information about career and mobility opportunities as well as news on call and European funding related to the Euro-Mediterranean area, a synergy with Daedalus is warmly encouraged in order to empower the features of both platforms.

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