Fascinating life in Palermo

11836747_10207240949882999_7327538474498812988_n My personal experience in Palermo

My name is Dyaa Mubaideen, I had my experience in Palermo, that is a city located in the South of Italy. Palermo is rich in Architecture, Art and Culture; there are a lot of museums and arts in the street, especially in the center of Palermo, as well as several public libraries.

I was really surprised when I saw the nightlife there: they don’t sleep, and the streets are always full of cars and people drinking, eating, dancing and chatting. My favorite areas in the center of Palermo were “Chiavettieri”, “Piazza Magione”, “Piazza Marina” and “Vucciria”; my friends and I usually went there at night, to meet people and chill.

According to me, the thing I liked the most in Palermo was the food. I’ve loved it, especially the street food: it’s too cheap and so delicious that you should try everything: seafood, fishes, “Panino con panelle” …etc. You can find it wherever you go in Palermo, you don’t need to sit on a table and pay a lot, just buy and enjoy the food.

The only problem I had there was about speaking English. It’s hard to find someone who speaks or understands English, not only in Palermo but in different places in Italy, especially in the South. Sometimes it’s good to have a person with you who speak Italian language.

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