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    General aspects:
    i. Let’s talk about yourself and say something also about your motivations

    My name is Dario, I’m 25 years old. I gratuaded in International Relation and since then I made an EVS (European Voluntary Service) in Macedonia for 6 months and I started working in projects management on my own with my little Organization based in my town. I’ve attended several training courses about project management, youth work and informal learning held by the Erasmus + Programme and, as participant, I’ve been doing youth exchanges all around Europe.
    This is my first time in the Middle East and I was searching for a possibility to come here. Moreover, this project was supposed to be in the field of project writing and management, which is a topic I’m really interested in.

    ii. What made you enthusiastic about applying to this programme?
    I was enthusiastic to apply mostly because of the Countries involved (in the Middle East region) and for the topic of the project itself.

    iii. How do you feel about this experience?
    I’ve had high expectations toward this project and I think this is why it turned so fast into disappointment: according with the aim of the project, its values and the standards it was supposed to have I can easily say that almost nothing is going as it should. It’s not matter of cultural differencies, it’s not matter of unforeseen events, to me it’s just plain disorganization. And this is frustrating.

    iv. Which were your expectations? Which are your aims?
    I had expected to be working in the “cycle of projects” field: writing, implementation, evaluation. This is what I was doing on my own before this project and I wanted to strengthen my skills on that (and possibly gain new contacts in the new context).

    Which skills have you acquired through participating in the Relay Race?
    I can’t really say I’ve gained new skills during the Relay Race.

    Do you think Relay Race is useful? Why?
    I believe Relay Race was useful for two main reasons:
    – I’ve had the possibility to meet those who were coming back from their mobility period abroad and they were very willing to share their experience to us. I think this really helped me to be ready for my mobility period.
    – I’ve met in advance all the people I was going to work with and this was useful to create a group, a team, of friends rather than just colleagues.

    Which are your expectations after this experience?
    I have few ideas: I’d like to keep on working in the field of cooperation and project management as well as I would like to move a bit further in the field of social work and youth work. I’m really open to see what opportunities the future will bring me.

    Now you’re on your mobility experience here in Lebanon; how will you benefit from this experience when you’ll come back to your country?
    I think every period spent abroad is a positive experience per se. We could call this a positive way to watch at things. Because if I have to start wondering how this project is actually carried out here in Lebanon I’d start complaining for ages.

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