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    Suha Husein

    Master’s course in “Euro-Mediterranean Cultures and Policies”
    The Master’s course in Euro-Mediterranean Cultures and Policies is carried out by International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, takes origin from the Open Sky Europe Project, project financed by the European Commission within the context of the “Euromed Regional Communication” program.The project was originally aimed at improving communicative processes within Mediterranean cultures, above all where youth is concerned. The idea of the Euro-Mediterranean area has witnessed a process of growth and evolution. Bearing in mind the institutional modifications that have been effected, the Masters aims to extend and deepen the cultural and political areas offered by the new dimensions that have arisen.

    The viewpoint adopted regarding the institutions will therefore be closely linked to the History and various mentalities in which they are rooted. The Mediterranean area is one of the most interesting dimensions in the relationship between tradition and innovation. The Masters will therefore be organized around History and Institutions, Constitutional aspects, the nature of Citizenship and Immigration, and the themes of security, justice and liberty. Its aim will be to establish a common starting point for cultural discussion between Europe and the Mediterranean world.

    The objective of the Masters is to create expertise regarding Policies and universal rights of citizenship in the context of European and Mediterranean cultures. Such skills are linked to the various institutional environments in which they are divided up.The skills which the Masters pinpoints and tries to create are carried out in a cultural debate open to the idea of a Mediterranean public sphere.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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