CaBuReRa-Handbook-quoteThis handbook is one of the final products of CaBuReRa project and resumes an experience lasted 24 months: an experience made of cooperation and capacity building among partners, but especially it is the compendium of the international mobility experience of 85 young people from Greece, Italy, Jordan, Portugal, Palestine and Lebanon who had the possibility to live both an international and a national learning by doing experience about project writing and management.

The most important lesson all partners and participants learned is the cooperation among Mediterranean people and regions that seem to be far and different but actually are very close especially culturally.

This publication has been developed by the participants with the support of all trainers and project partners and is structured in 4 main sections:

  1. step by step to write an international project
  2. best practices to fight youth unemployment through youth work
  3. role of public administrations in Mediterranean cooperation &
  4. participants opinions about the added values of their mobility suggestions to their peers.

We would thank all of them for their active participation and commitment and we would have been happy to offer this great experience to as many young people as possible, but instead of that, we offer you to live the CaBuReRa experience through this Handbook.

Enjoy your reading!

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