“If you live, live free or die like the trees, standing up”

“How much do you miss Portugal ? as much as I smelled tear gas this week”


What I really miss in faro is not only sitting near the marina and feel the beautiful wind there , what I missed is “freedom”.

Mahmoud Darwish said “ a Palestinian poet” : “If you live, live free or die like the trees, standing up”.

it wasn’t really convenience for me to see a marina in Bethlehem to feel that I’m free, but smelling tear gas is.

In the past month in Palestine our lifestyle changed to the “active resistance mood” , it wasn’t really a choice neither politics, it’s the reality, everyone thinks that it’s politics but actually “politics is my life”.

The only thing that I fought for abroad Palestine is how to get out of my bed every morning. I wanted to use every single minute to make a good memory , however, I also haven’t slept much in Bethlehem, these days I’m trying to contact every person I know so I can make sure that they’re okay or maybe to have a last good memory because I wouldn’t know if it would be the last conversation ever !

Bethlehem looks like a small prison , everyone knows everyone, which made it hard in terms of thinking who’s going to be next ? Who’s going to be next day just another picture on posters ?

One bullets was enough to get me an answer like the bullet that killed my friend Mutaz last week.

Living in this fear is different, I’m not really afraid of losing someone I know, I’m afraid of losing everyone I know , and from that perspective I decided to spend every single minute with joy, love and forgiveness. Now I choose to be more happy , and more strong. Today I choose to resist and  to stand up against reality and live like a standing tree.



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