Juhoud for community and Local Development

Who We Are

Juhoud for Community and Rural development is a Palestinian non-governmental, nonprofit organization founded in 2003. Juhoud is committed to support community development in marginalized rural areas through the promotion of economic development civic engagement, and community education and training. Since its inception, Juhoud has contributed in improving the social and economic situation of many Palestinian families through investing the available local resources.  Juhoud also worked and is working on promoting the participation of young people in their local communities and creating job opportunities for them.

Furthermore, the establishment of The Palestinian Centre for Leadership and Business Development in the village of Habla–Qalqilya came as an additional effort and an executive technical arm to Juhoud program and its activity in the northern rural areas in Palestine.



Juhoud is committed to support community development in marginalized and predominantly rural areas through promoting economic development, civic and community engagement, and life-long learning and training. Juhoud aims to achieve this by using a participatory approach that emphasizes self-reliance and focuses on youth and women while fostering a sense of national and community belonging.



Youth and women in marginalized areas are productively engaged – both economically and civically – in their communities and have a strong sense of belonging and national identity.



Juhoud believes in liberty, equity, democracy, pluralism, integrity, transparency, accountability, and rule of law.



  1. To contribute in supporting the local economy in marginalized rural areas by encouraging constructive economic participation of women and youth.
  2. To promote civic participation and integration of young people and women in their communities.
  3. To establish specialized training centers to support adult education and to promote self-reliance and economic and community development.


  • Economic Development Program

This program aims at investing the available local natural and human resources to contribute in strengthening the local economy of the marginalized rural areas. It also aims at increasing the participation of youth and women in the economic life through promoting their entrepreneurial and managerial abilities as well as providing them with the technical and financial support to create their own job opportunities in the Palestinian labor market.

  • Community Participation Program

This program aims at helping women and youth to integrate in their communities. It also aims at raising women and youth awareness of their rights and responsibilities as well as increasing their participation in the decision-making process through conducting training, capacity building workshops, and awareness activities.

  • Lifelong learning program (LLL)

This program aims at promoting the concept of «lifelong learning» on the local and national level. Juhoud seeks to achieve this, through developing and establishing a sustainable system for resources and training centers aim to build and enhance capacity building on individual level, institutional level, and the societal level.



Since its inception, Juhoud has worked on the principles of exchanging and accumulating knowledge and experience with all partners and stakeholders to achieve its strategic and specific objectives. Juhoud methodology relies on:

  1. Participation: giving the local community and beneficiaries to participate in programs and projects planning, implementation and evaluation phases.
  2. Active interaction: Interacting with officials, decision-makers, and stakeholders.
  3. Networking: Making a network between Community Based Organizations and national and international organizations.
  4. Raising funds from local and external resources and enhancing the contribution of the local community.



Juhoud targets youth (both male and female) between the ages of 14 and 30 and women in marginalized rural areas who are affected by Israel oppressive practices.



In order to leave clear and concrete impacts on the beneficiaries, Juhoud chooses the most affected areas by the Israeli Occupation to focus their work on. These areas are:

  • The kafriyat area in Tulkarem
  • Rural areas in the East of Qalqilya
  • Rural areas in the North of Salfit
  • Tubas
  • Rural areas in the West of Ramallah


For the optimal investment of the available local resources, Juhoud builds true partnership with civil society organizations, local government institutions, and privet sectors. Since its inception, Juhoud established a network of youth institutions and joined to European Anna Lindh Network. Furthermore, Juhoud is keen to build relationship with governmental institution such as Ministry of Youth and Sport, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Labor. Juhoud also worked on establishing women coalition in Kafreiat area and is currently working on establishing a network of youth clubs in ten villages. Juhoud worked as well on establishing a “villages” network which is implemented with the partnership of 7 of Mediterranean countries. With the partnership of privet sector, Juhoud established the “Palestinian Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Development” in the village of Habla – Qalqilya.

Furthermore, Juhoud has succeeded in building strategic partnership with a number of international institutions working in Palestine. These include:

  1. German Foundation for Adult Education (dvv)
  2. Pontifical Mission in Jerusalem
  3. Danish Church Aid


Contact information

Issa Abu Dayyeh Building,

3rd Floor, Office 6&7

Al-Kherbeh, Birzeit

P.O. Box 67460, Jerusalem

Tel:           02-2811629

Fax:          02-2811831

Email:  info@juhoud.org

Website: www.juhoud.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juhoud?ref=hl

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