Memories to Hold

Each time you scroll your pictures, you find one specific folder related to specific dates that you are always very excited yet afraid to open it.faro fetsival

Time passes, you think your memory is too weak to hold all these colorful images in it, you think that with time all these experiences you lived & people you met and shared magical moments with them will be forgettable, as if they are some passengers who passed by for a moment in your life and left. as if you will not feel pain for their lose… but this weak memory, for the first time, ridiculously and sarcastically fails you. All the smallest details suddenly will be stuck in your head & in front of your eyes for the rest of your life… Ouch.

Life goes on… it’s a physical rule that you can’t change, Yet, while going on you keep your past present, you take those small lessons that taught you how to fight and walk forward, and you do that, you fight and walk forward.


Now I am back to my country where I work among all these cinema reels that holds history of cinema, people and culture, we are trying to clean and preserve them as if we are restoring a memory of a nation. It took me a travel to Portugal to understand the value of a memory, and a return to Lebanon to understand the importance of preserving it. Now I am very blessed that I lived and held these incredible moments of this experience with CaBuReRa team that will accompany me for the rest of my life.


Reem El Mohtar

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