Multilayered captivating Palermo

Living in Palermo

I am Husein Smadi from Jordan and I work as a lawyer and in the field of human rights. I decided to apply for this project because I wanted to discover a new culture,as well as language and way of living; but I also wanted to share my experience, so Palermo was one of the best decisions I have ever took in my entire life.
During my mobility period I worked at the Human Rights Youth Organization: we worked with refugees and for women rights. I learned many things in this career and I met a lot of beautiful kids and good people.
But now let me tell you about Palermo! Good friendly people who like to have fun, they are funny but crazy drivers and they have the best night life you can ask for. You just have to look for those hidden little streets where you can find music and people partying all the time – street clubs are all over the city. In Palermo they have also a lot of food – I mean street food – so tasty and cheap. Palermo is full of beautiful beaches and green beautiful mountains, but you can also find a lot of history in Palermo, I mean a lot for all generations and time. This is a beautiful city for a peaceful living, and it is also a very cheap city.

I am really happy that I chose Palermo for this project , I met a lot of people that I would never forget , and I learned a lot about new things, culture, language, food, nationalities. One day I will go back to Palermo to visit the new friends I met and this beautiful city as well. I really miss it so much.
Finally I would to thank CESIE and Al Hayat Center for this opportunity.


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