My experience in Faro, Portugal

“It’s not just the smell of the streets, or the familiarity of the neighborhoods that beats a cozy life into the spirit of Faro, but since I have arrived here, not a day had passed without walking by the Marina just to witness the breathtaking sunset, which had took me home in a delightful way that only a travelling heart can feel, and that’s when I came to realize that I fell for this city, and that I would fall for small and cozy cities more than big and loud ones. The most fascinating part about it is that I could reach almost everywhere by walking which had given me the chance to get to know Faro more and more every time I went out, and explore a story in each and every corner of this place. In one sunny morning at Faro, as I was walking along a peaceful park, a sound of music had penetrated my heart and dragged me down to the end of the street where I saw a group of musicians performing a charming piece of music in an amazingly harmonic way, those images are always going to be crossing my head, artists playing music in streets, people from all ages singing and cheering for their favorite football team’s win, old men gathering every afternoon at the park to enjoy a game of cards, well, you can’t help but fall for Faro’s young and peaceful spirit the minute you get here.”

Faro, Portugal

Sarah Qabbani

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