It has been almost 3 months since I returned from Jordan. I’m back in my hometown (Faro) doing my second CaBuReRa internship.

It begun on the 10th of August in ECOS – Cooperativa de Educação, Cooperação e Desenvolvimento, CRL. I’ve joined the team of the project Algarve2020 – Um Contrato Jovem, a project about youth participation, working in the communication part of the project’s event “Fórum Juventude Algarve”.

Since the beginning of October I’ve also joined the Round-Trip team, another project of ECOS, helping in the communication of the project. Round-Trip is about active democratic citizenship.

It has been a challenge, everyday learning new things in my field of studies. It has been a very good experience and the ECOS team has been very welcoming since the beginning.

More about ECOS:

ECOS – Cooperativa de Educação Cooperação e Desenvolvimento, CRL is an organisation registered in January 2010 with the purpose of answering  two challenges:

  • Contribute to the promotion, acknowledgment and appreciation of non formal education as methodology for human development and social transformation;
  • Contribute for the social integration and unity as an agent of community development.

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The ECOS office

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Sara Magalhães

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