New Eyes..New Perspectives


A friend recently told me, that it’s true that you’ll return to your old life, but remember you’re going back with new eyes and you’ll start seeing things from another perspective, and you’ll find yourself acting differently even in the same situations that you used to face before, but this is part of changing and growing up, so take your time, because you’ll need a lot of time to understand yourself and where you will be standing. Since we often worry about what we’ve yet to achieve, and sometimes we fall as victims to the idea that we are running out of time, and when we think about the long list of things we still want to accomplish, we realize that there’s more inner work that needs to be done.

I have to admit that the first month in Portugal was the hardest, but it was just preparing me for the best that was yet to come, I was involved in an environment where I would have completely refused to even think that I would ever accept, But this is the key to Life I guess, that sometimes you have to fight what you think you know , for the sake of the unknown, and in my own opinion I think this is the most liberating experience, you have to grow and allow yourself to face your fears in order to explore what do you really want in life.


It was my first time to travel alone, thousands of miles away from everyone I’ve ever known, it was so challenging, but I knew I was so blessed to actually have the chance to be a part of this experience. I’ve realized that I was living the best time of my life, I was laughing my heart out every second, I’ve actually gained a lifetime experience that changed everything about my world and about me, I’ve gained friends and family who I believe will never leave my side. I’ve found myself, and I’ve gained myself, and the most important thing is that I was being me, only me, Natalie.





Natalie Esmail

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