Cooperation job vacancies in Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Guinea Conakry

comiCOMI – Cooperation for the world in development, is looking for a Coordinator to go to Senegal. Duration of the contract: 12 months renewable.

Candidacies expires the 11th September 2016




cisv_zen_logoCISV is looking for a Project Coordinator in Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Guinea Conakry. Candidacies expires the 15th of September 2016

Job venue: Dakar, with travels to Saint Louis (Senegal), to Kankan (Guinea)  and Oio, Cacheu and Tombali (Guinea Bissau)
Salary: around 1.700 euro
Duration of the contract: 9 months 
Starting date: 1st October 2016


#EVS20: Mobility as a tool for non-formal education

caburera-scuola.The International mobility experience is considered as a new non formal education opportunity for people to gain new experience and new personal and professional skills and thus to promote their social and professional carrier.


Mobility as a tool for non- formal education

21 April 2016, 10:00 – 13:00
Liceo Classico Vittorio Emanuele II
Via Simone di Bologna 11, Palermo

Several studies confirm that most of the people realizing such mobility experiences (short and long) has concrete values in terms of skills, open mind, self-confidence, flexibility and adaptability. Moreover the mobility experience is a way to learn a new language and for sure it can allow you to become better aware of what you want to achieve in your future life.

During the mobility experience, young people can develop social and intercultural skills that are more and more required in the labour market.

So that, participating in a mobility experience is a concrete, real and enriching tool for the young people, the local community and partners who will all receive and give expertise, knowledge, experience and feelings.

CESIE, the 21st of April from 10:00 to 13:00 will have the pleasure to meet the students of the Vittorio Emanuele II in order to promote the mobility as tool of non-formal education.



  • 10:00 Welcoming
  • 10:15 Presentation of the Project CaBuReRa – Capacity Building Relay Race
  • 10:45 Presentation of the European Voluntary Service: educational and technical aspects
  • 11:15 Presentation of Youth Exchange & Training Courses
  • 11:30 Sharing experiences
  • 12:00 Mobility Opportunities!
  • 12:30 Open Discussion

N.B. The event is reserved to the students of Vittorio Emanuele II.

CaBuReRa International Seminar, Live on YouTube from Palestine!

CaBuReRa: Seminario Internazionale, in diretta su Youtube dalla Palestina

Are you interested in EuroMediterranean Cooperation, Youth Empowerment & Mobility Programmes?

Mark your calendar as busy on Tuesday March 15th, 2016 at 9:30 am: you’ll have the chance to attend CaBuReRa International Seminar, on live broadcast at CESIE’s Youtube Channel from Ramallah, Palestine.


The Seminar, held by JUHOUD for Community and Rural Development in Collaboration with the Ministry of Labor in Palestine, will take place in Palestine Technical Colleges – Ramallah/Girls in Ramallah on Tuesday March 15th, 2016 at 9:30 am.

The aim of the seminar is to speak about the Youth & Unemployment in Palestine and Mediterranean Countries, Polices & Regional Initiatives, and to present as part of CaBuReRa Project: Youth Mobility Program funded by ENPI CBCMED, Participants Experience’s, Achievements, Future Opportunities, Sustainability and New Initiatives.

Moreover, eminent speakers will attend the seminar, including International Partners from Italy, Portugal, Greece & Jordan, representatives of the public authorities, other partners engaged in the management of youth mobility projects, beside young participants from the region: a unique moment to share their experience in Palestine and in Europe.

Don’t miss the Question & Answers Session, after each speaker: you can ask your own question just using the chat box next to the video stream.

We are looking forward for your participation in the seminar.

Job opportunity at Anna Lindh Foundation

Background Information

The Anna Lindh Foundation (, which marks in 2015 its 10th anniversary, has a legal personality as an international organization, based in Alexandria (Egypt) and registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The Foundation was created by the governments of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership – the far-reaching political agreement established in 1995 between the European Union and its Southern Mediterranean partners with the purpose to bring people together from across the Mediterranean to improve mutual respect between cultures and to support civil society working for a common future for the region.

To fulfil this objective, the Foundation leads regional initiatives in the Euro-Med region and supports local activities carried out by civil society organizations which advocate a better understanding among people, religions and beliefs. The Foundation works as Network of Networks in the 42 Euro-Mediterranean countries.

The Foundation is co-funded by the European Union and the 42 countries of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) and its contracting procedures are in line with the EU procedures stipulated in the Practical Guide to Contract Procedures for EU External Actions.

The Anna Lindh Foundation seeks for recruitment through a local competition, the following positions:

  1. Programme Assistant – Programmes (Post Ref. no PNU/ASS4-P/2015)
    Launched: 11th November 2015. Deadline: 1st December 2015
  2. Programme Assistant – Networks (Post Ref. no PNU/ASS5-N/2015)
    Launched: 11th November 2015. Deadline: 1st December 2015
  3. Programme Officer – Programmes (Post Ref. no PNU/PO-P/2015)
    Launched: 11th November 2015. Deadline: 1st December 2015

Eligibility of Applicants: In order to be eligible, applicants must be candidates living in Egypt (Egyptians or Foreigners)
Applicants must be nationals of one of the 42 (UFM) countries:
(Albania, Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mauritania, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Tunisia, Turkey and the United Kingdom).

The Provision starting date is envisaged for the 1st of January 2016, it could however be subject to 15 day postponement.

Contract Duration: The contract duration will expire on the  31st of December 2017, with a possibility of a renewable period depending on the ALF needs.

Job location: Alexandria, Egypt

• Competitive salary (Egyptian contract) in Egyptian pounds
• Medical and accident insurance coverage in a good reputable companies
• Allowance of 10% from the basic salary for candidates originally residing outside Alexandria
• Multiple entry visa, renewed on annual base by ALF (for Foreigners)


Interested candidates should submit an application by completing this form before end of 1st of December 2015, by midnight Egypt-time.

A CV of no more than 3 pages should be uploaded, using the format:, along with a one-page letter of motivation in English.

No applications will be considered after the deadline mentioned above.

The evaluation process for the post Programme Assistant – Grants (Post Ref. no PNU/ASS3-G/2015) is still ongoing.

– See more at:

A focus on the Arab World: conference and intercultural event in Palermo

A focus on the Arab World: conference and intercultural event in Palermo

caburera-intercultural-event-palermo-res (11)In the framework of the CaBuReRa  and TATRAC projects, a conference about “The future of the associations of the civil society in Maghreb and in the Middle East” took place on Friday 31st July in Moltivolti (via M. Puglia, 21 – Palermo). The conference – that represented also the final moment of the three days of visits and training sessions addressed to the Sicilian and Tunisian partners of the TATRAC project – was followed by an Intercultural Event. During that, the 10 CaBuReRa young participants who terminated their mobility period in Palermo talked about their home countries – Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine – and introduced themselves by means of music, cooking and cultural traditions.

The meeting was firstly aimed to reflect on the future of the organizations of the civil society in the Arab World, but wanted also to highlight the main points of  both the CaBuReRa and TATRAC projects, funded by ENPI programmes (ENPI CBC Med for CaBuReRa, ENPI Italy-Tunisia 2007-2013 for TATRAC). Rita Quisillo, coordinator of CaBuReRa, talked about this project that wants to contribute to the development of a Mediterranean network between youth, local authorities, public authorities and education protagonists in order to promote active citizenship and intercultural dialogue through mobility experiences. On the other hand, Abdelhamid Abidi, coordinator of the TATRAC project, focused his speech on the future of civil society in the Arab world especially after the Arab Spring.  Abidi claimed that the activism of civil society is an important instrument of democratization which depends widely on the participation of the youth. Agreed with this statement, three of the CaBuReRa participants – Muna Sbouh, Mohammad Alhasan and Diyaa Mubaideen – presented the current situation of Palestinian and Jordanian organizations for the civil society, focusing on differences and similarities among Arab countries.

The following Intercultural Event was a success, joined by a great number of people that really enjoyed the Arab food prepared by our CaBuReRa participants. It should be considered a fundamental step along the way of the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation, as well as an occasion of cultural growth not just for the youth!

Dissemination seminar, TG2 in Greece

Just a few days before the end of their mobility programme in Greece, the participants of the CaBuReRa project who are hosted by KMOP organized and implemented a dissemination seminar which took place in Athens, on the 30th of July 2015. Aseel, Haya, Ibrahim and Saja from Palestine and Ahmad, Bayan, Cyrine, Nahar and Nidal from Jordan used various media such as video clips, pictures, true stories and experiences and even traditional costumes to present their countries and their culture. The event closed with some traditional Arabic music and dancing, which really enthused the audience, which was consisted mostly of young people.







Locally based NGO JUHOUD for Community and Rural Development alongside with the participants of ENI-CBC CaBuReRa Project held, on the 28TH oh July  at the Ministry of Labor a Seminar about Youth Mobility in the Euro-Mediterranean area. The seminar’s goal achieved with the contribution of prominent speakers who participated in it.

During the Seminar, a presentation of the CaBuReRa youth mobility Project was offered. The presentation not only included information about the Project, but also shared experiences from its participants. Highlighting the points of various opportunities through youth mobility programs, difficulties that the participants may face, cultural exchange involvement of the participants and also multiple aspects of the benefits of youth mobility practices.

In addition to this presentation, the Seminar also offered a brief exposition for the Deadalus Project, by one of its responsible project managers. Deadalus portal is a cross-border network including members from the Mediterranean area, which hopefully become a useful tool for youth across the Mediterranean zone.

Last but not least, the hosting organization pay its regards to the European Union representative, Maria Fraskou, who kindly participated in this attempt and offered an interesting perspective on the matters of this Seminar along with Mr. Nasser Qatami the representative of the Ministry of Labour in Ramallah. JUHOUD and the Caburera participants want to acknowledge the public support and also express their gratitude to all the people who contributed in the Seminar’s success.


CaBuReRa meets Jordanian students: Dissemination Seminar on Unemployment and Job Opportunities at the University of Jordan

As a closing event of their mobility programme in Jordan, the CaBuReRa interns at Al Hayat Centre For Civil Society Development organised and held a “dissemination seminar”, which took place on the 27th of July at the University of Jordan. The seminar  focused on the topic of unemployment, as well as on the methods and attitudes that youth should take in order to overcome this problem.


Lack of job opportunities, lower salaries, and a more and more competitive labour market, are nowadays issues affecting young people globally. The Mediterranean area is certainly one of the regions mostly interested by this phenomenon, with Greece, Italy and Portugal (the countries of origin of the European CaBuReRa participants) being on the “black list” of European countries with respect to youth unemployment.


Nonetheless, a programme such as CaBuReRa shows how useful mobility can be for the personal and professional life of youth, adding a recognised international experience in their curriculum and enhancing their employability both in their country and abroad. The aim of the seminar was thus to share experience and knowledge with Jordanian university students, who will soon face the same challenges as their European colleagues.


The 18 students participating in the event, mostly coming from the faculties of Foreign Languages and International Studies, showed a strong interest in travelling and improving their knowledge and skills in a foreign country. During the seminar they could learn about programmes and online platforms offering Euro-Mediterranean mobility opportunities, study and research programmes in Europe, as well as international traineeship and jobs. Furthermore, they were given tips on how to render their applications more effective and their profile more appealing in their future search for a job.


The event was concluded by an open and informal discussion, during which the students and the CaBuReRa participants exchanged information and experiences. The meeting proved to be an important source of inspiration for both students and interns, as well as a good starting point for the creation of new networks and ideas.


Conference about Middle East and Intecultural Event in Moltivolti

invito-caburera-tatrac copia

Capacity Building Relay Race – CaBuReRa

Tissu Associatif et Transfert de Connaissances [Network of Associations and Knowledge Transfer] – TATRAC

Friday, the 31st July, at 17:00
in MoltiVolti
Via Puglia 21, Palermo

“The future of the associations of the civil society in Maghreb and in the Middle East”: conference and event in Moltivolti

  • Rita Quisillo, CESIE, Coordinator of the CaBuReRa project
  • Abdelhamid Abidi, ANPR, Coordinator of the TATRAC project
  • Mohammad AlHasan, Muna Sbouh and Dyaa Mubaideen, participants of the CaBuReRa project

In the framework of the CaBuReRa (Capacity Building Relay Race) and TATRACTissu Associatif et Transfert de Connaissances [Network of Associations and Knowledge Transfer]) projects, the conference called “The future of the associations of the civil society in Maghreb and in the Middle East” will be held on Friday, the 31st July at 17:00, in Moltivolti (via M. Puglia, 21, Palermo).

In the framework of the ENPI programme (European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument) and thanks to a total budget of € 1.680.000, funded at 90% by the European Union, CaBuReRa develops a training, exchange and networking project. CaBuReRa wants to contribute to the development of a Mediterranean network between youth, local authorities, public authorities and education protagonists in order to facilitate the school-to-work transition and promote active citizenship and intercultural dialogue through mobility experiences. In such context, the project will involve 30 Youth Workers and 60 Young Unemployed, who will carry out a period of mobility in Italy, Greece, Portugal, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.

TATRAC (Tissu Associatif et Transfert de Connaissances [Network of Associations and Knowledge Transfer]) is on the other hand a cross-border cooperation project funded by the ENPI programme Italy-Tunisia 2017-2013. The project aims mainly at encouraging the civil society to take up an active role in the innovation process, by supporting the associations, enhancing scientific knowledge, sharing good practices and promoting the building of a culture of innovation.

Both projects will be presented during the conference held on the 31st of July, organized as a conclusion to the period of mobility carried out by the 10 young participants to the CaBuReRa project who performed volunteer services and did training sessions in Palermo during the last month. The conference will also be the occasion to put an end to the training sessions and the visits to which participated the Sicilian and Tunisian partners of the  TATRAC project from the 27th to the 31st of July 2015.

The 31st of July will thus be dedicated to intercultural values, associative work and exchange of good practices, to promote the development of a culture of innovation. The conference will be followed by an Intercultural evening, during which the 10 young participants to the CaBuReRa project, currently carrying out a mobility period in Palermo, will share their experience and culture through music, food and traditional dances from their own countries (Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine).

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