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Between October and November 2015, Sofia, Federica M., Marta, Antea and Federica N., five participants of the CaBuReRa project had the chance to design and implement their own local project, named Il Mediterraneo per Noi e per gli Altri – the Mediterranean for us and for the others, running a series of activities aimed at raising awareness about the Mediterranean region, including its history and traditions, and at delivering an idea of respect towards those cultures which belong to these regions.

High school students, because of their young age, are usually subjected to a misled or a lacking communication, in terms of knowledge about contemporary worldwide events, and this is due to the wide range of sources of information and the consequent confusion that this can generate.

The idea was to implement, in different schools of Palermo, activities that could develop awareness among youth about the Mediterranean with a focus on the countries involved in CaBuReRa.

Thus, three schools have been involved and approximately 90 students from I. M. S. Regina Margherita, I. I. S. S. Alessandro Volta and the Fine Arts High School Vincenzo Ragusa and Otama Kiyohara.

The students, aged between 17 and 19, have actively participated to frontal lectures and debates, with video presentations and non-formal education activities focusing on the figure of the migrant, so as the journey he has to face, the problems connected to it, those laws and rules which should protect him.

Moreover, the students had the possibility to know more about migration flows and armed conflicts situations, and also to know about the opportunity of doing an international experience through a mobility project as they have done within CaBuReRa.

Furthermore, the topic of the civil war in Syria, and the phenomenon of jihadism had been introduced, as to explain the new dramatic migration influxes caused by the conflict.

Students’ feedback has been overwhelming: the activities allowed them to get to know more about contemporary events, and they have been very active and participated to all the sessions.

Sofia, Federica M., Antea, Marta, Federica N., and CESIE would like to thank all the schools involved for their participation:

  • I. M. S. Regina Margherita,
  • I. I. S. S. Alessandro Volta,
  • L. A. S. Vincenzo Ragusa and Otama Kiyohara.

A special thanks goes to headmasters and teachers, who made possible to carry out the project and who supported us in reaching the objectives with great results.

It has been an exciting experience both for the five CaBuReRa girls and the students who expressed their enthusiasm openly. Initial fears have been replaced by an important educational experience.


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