Locally based NGO JUHOUD for Community and Rural Development alongside with the participants of ENI-CBC CaBuReRa Project held, on the 28TH oh July  at the Ministry of Labor a Seminar about Youth Mobility in the Euro-Mediterranean area. The seminar’s goal achieved with the contribution of prominent speakers who participated in it.

During the Seminar, a presentation of the CaBuReRa youth mobility Project was offered. The presentation not only included information about the Project, but also shared experiences from its participants. Highlighting the points of various opportunities through youth mobility programs, difficulties that the participants may face, cultural exchange involvement of the participants and also multiple aspects of the benefits of youth mobility practices.

In addition to this presentation, the Seminar also offered a brief exposition for the Deadalus Project, by one of its responsible project managers. Deadalus portal is a cross-border network including members from the Mediterranean area, which hopefully become a useful tool for youth across the Mediterranean zone.

Last but not least, the hosting organization pay its regards to the European Union representative, Maria Fraskou, who kindly participated in this attempt and offered an interesting perspective on the matters of this Seminar along with Mr. Nasser Qatami the representative of the Ministry of Labour in Ramallah. JUHOUD and the Caburera participants want to acknowledge the public support and also express their gratitude to all the people who contributed in the Seminar’s success.


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