Synergies Capitalization Event in Italy

Synergies Capitalization Event PalermoTook place in Palermo, Italy, on 17th June 2015 the Synergies Capitalization Event organised by CaBuReRa, NETKITE and STS MED projects (coordinated respectively by CESIE and Consorzio Arca). The event was part of a wider capitalization event aimed to highlight and enforce the links between business ideas and EU funding opportunities.

The aim of the event was to help young entrepreneurs develop their business idea and find funding opportunities for making it real. In this regard the CaBuReRa young participants had the chance to know more about entrepreneurship and to support the young entrepreneurs of NETKITE to improve their knowledge about funding programmes.

So new synergies have been created between the entrepreneurial ideas of NETKITE participants and the EU funding opportunities proposed by the 58 young participants currently involved in CaBuReRa.

These two projects shared almost the same goals: both are ENPI CBC MED projects aimed to help young people living in the Mediterranean Sea basin find job opportunities by enhancing their career and business opportunities. Moreover both projects have a Platform, a tool which is very useful in order to share information, to disseminate business content and mobility and jobs opportunities, as well as funding programmes in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

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