Mobility Meeting in Jordan: new skills for the future

IMG_4125The first day of the TG2 Mid-Term Mobility Meeting in Jordan has just ended in a very good mood and sound.

The different groups have closed the intensive activity-day with a song expressing their willing to share their mobility experience and to have fun all together.

Countries’ presentations, laughing, peer to peer activities and reflection on skills were the main elements of the sessions.

The TG2s were so excited and the good feelings of the day allowed all of them to analyse their experiences and the first cultural difficulties faced during their mobility. The trainers as well facilitated the analysis of the learning mobility skills and the reflection on how to exploit them for employment.

The following days will give opportunity to further evaluate the first part of the mobility period and to have a look into the future: refining the expectations and learning goals for the second part of the mobility and for the local internship.

Stay tuned!

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