The Unforgettable Days

In my opinion, real life lessons are more valuable and teach us more than theories leaned in schools. This mobility gave me the opportunity to gain precious lessons through experiencing a different lifestyle from the one I used to. Living a three months in Faro, Portugal independently helped me understand the hidden lessons behind every single problem I have faced.

Day by day, I am noticing the big difference that this mobility has done to my life & the special touch it added to it 🙂


Yes it’s true that, “Travelling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”. And it’s also true that my family got insane for that they have been listening to the same stories for the past three months.


These are the ones who made this mobility a one to remember and with whom I made worthy memories and stories that deserves to be told not only once but thousand times.


Those unforgettable days made me know that living a day without a big smile drawn on your pretty face is a day wasted.


Dalia Lubbadeh

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