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Here I am doing the second part of the internship in my country Palestine, after coming back from Greece which was a magnificent country with its kind people and its amazing landscapes.

Athens from above
Athens from above

Due to the bad circumstance that we “Tg2 Palestinian participants” have faced since the sending organization delayed the continuation of the training because of the financial problem that it was suffering from, which in other way resulted in the limitation of our training only in the organizations or associations next to our houses and as I am living at a small town next to Jerusalem, and this area lacks for the existence of non-governmental organizations, it was difficult for me to find a place to start the local internship in. So I have to begin my internship in a business company that belongs to the private sector.

Siniora Food Industries Company is the company that accepted to host me as a trainee at the Human Resources department. From the first day that I’ve come to the company I started to utilize what I have learned abroad and applied it in the new workplace. I’ve gained much knowledge from them in the field of HR principles, planning and individuals’ management. They introduce me to their company and to the policy that the company follows in recruiting employees, they offered me a separate office at their department with all its equipment.

Most of the work I am doing is secretarial work; and here are some of the duties that I’ve been trained on during the last two months:  inserting transportation bills, survey the employees’ files, setting up new records for new employees, prepare training for the supervisors and their employees, writing official letters issued from the HR department such as: Final Appointment Letter, job evidence letter, health insurance, bank correspondences, inserting each employee assets, irregularities, certificates to the company’s network system in addition to many other duties.

I believe that this internship in and outside my country will add value to my career life. It will give me better chances in the future to apply for big enterprises and organizations or maybe to establish my own business.

This experience has definitely benefited me on both personal and professional levels. Concerning the first one, it let me meet different people from different countries with different cultures and to spend great time with them. For the second approach it developed my knowledge in the field of management in general, and also it introduced me to new concepts and terms in the public relations. So I completely support the idea behind these programs that give youth in this region a great chance to develop their personalities and their knowledge, and it paves the way towards eliminating youth unemployment in the community.

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