Together in difference: a great team at work

palermo-arabaWhat the CaBuReRa project means to us?

In every day of our life, it has never been that easy to appreciate the value of something, while you are still living it. More or less, this is what happened during the CaBuReRa experience.

The reason is that we were so focused on our mobility abroad, with all those sensitive issues related to it, that we almost forgot the importance of the second part of the project in our homeland.

But, to be honest, the local internship in Palermo trained me more than what I expected and, from my perspective, that occurred not just because I improved some skills I already acquired before.

Me and my colleagues, we have had the chance to work in a non-competitive and friendly space. This allowed us be the most confident and creative we could. CESIE became our daily track, the place we spent more than half of our time, working and then hanging around with our colleagues, organising dinners, parties or events. It suddenly became difficult to understand when work finished and life started. And this happens when you like your job and you are devoted to it.

With other participants, I even had the opportunity to propose my own project, to design it, to discuss about it and finally to implement it. Project cycle management became interesting, stimulating, fulfilling and funny. Our ideas started to have an impact on our city, in our country. Full management of this project allowed us develop new skills, and improve those we had already acquired; most importantly, it taught us how to deal with young people from our city (as target group of the project) and helped us realise how fun, interesting and exciting Palermo can be.

And the funniest thing is that we were born and we have been living in Palermo in the same city, and we never met before. But luckily, we employed this last year to know more about each other, to retrieve the time we missed, turning ourselves into incredibly good working partners and friends.

Recalling this experience with all the moments we spent together, it is clear that it was more than a friendship: we grew together. It was an important moment of our life, the end of university and the beginning of work. We faced this strange changeover together, it was as we shared it.

Exactly one year ago, our experience as TG2 started: we then reached many and different places, we lived so many different lives, and we met again in Palermo, where everything started.

Now here we are, together in difference, close in distance, a great team at work, great friends everywhere else.

Federica, Marta & Sofia

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