“We have on this earth what makes life worth living”


We have on this earth what makes life worth living.
It used to be known as Palestine
it became known as Palestine
my mistress:
I deserve, because you’re my mistress
I deserve life.
Mahmoud Darwish “ Palestinian poet”

Is it Normal to not miss anything about Portugal? Nor to think about that experience?
Is it weird to ask those questions?

While I was reading my friend’s blogs, I realized that I have to speak out about that great experience. Yes I can remember that it was great and it supposed to be unforgettable. May be I have some problems with memorizing?! Who knows!!

But what is that sound!!

Can you hear that!!!

It’s the same sound I hear every day in the morning, during the day after the sun set, it became a part of my life. Can anybody hear that sound!???

It makes me busy thinking all the time, it prevents me from thinking about anything else, even my about friends in Portugal, even thinking about my brother who snores all the night while sleeping.

Am sorry, at this moment it’s hard to remember

“When my father decided to sell our 500.000$ farmhouse, I was so sad because from that house I could see the beach, I could smell the trees, touch the sun, talking with the moon where I usually find myself with my friends dancing all night away. But wait, I still have the place to do that, in my country everybody has such a farmhouse I can go to Fadi’s house. Till our new farmhouse is ready the new one going to be in Haifa, where I usually hang out with my friends”

Shit!!!! That sound appears again it’s so loud this time

Ooops it think one of my friends is screaming,

Me: What Happened?

Fadi: I got shot.

Me: did you shoot yourself while you were playing with that stupid hunting rifle!

Fadi: wake up, move your head or you going to  be dead stupid !

When he slapped me on the face and moved me next to him, I figured out what was that sound

It’s the sound of the OCCUPATION.

And when I read what I wrote about our imaginary farmhouse I burned the notebook, and went to the hospital to see my injured friend, and reading him the news.


No sound-bite will fix this.
We teach life, sir.
We teach life, sir.
We Palestinians wake up every morning to teach the rest of the world life, sir.

Rafeef Ziadah “ Palestinian poet”


” You see, this is not political.”

Wissam jabarin

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