“What would the shoot say if it was soundless?”

We invite you to view the unique photo gallery entitled:  | What would the shoot say if it was soundless? photographed by one of our talented CaBuReRa Portuguese participants Ms. Sara Ramos, who took the photos in Lebanon. Please join us in the inter-cultural event which will take place in Moltivolti, on Friday, February, 20, 2015 at 6:30pm. 

Get the chance to interact with people from Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine, and learn more about Arabic music, poetry, culture, traditional dance and food.

 | What would the shoot say if it was soundless? |

                                                          | O que diria o disparo se não fizesse som? |

“Similarities between me and the reality. Between him and her. Between countries. Similarities exposed in the moment of the shooting. Lebanon in frames. The way I see it in frames.” by photograher: Ms. Sara Ramos.



Lebanon Sirian Refugees


Personal note from Ms. Sara Ramos:

“I remember that I always had a particular way of seeing the world, as my mother use to say; to pay close attention to detail and feeling things in an intense way. I’ve always worked with and for people in psychological and social areas, and it’s something that I will continue to do in my life. But photography is something that has taught me to live the moments – to capture the moment with all that it implies – light, senses, colors, feelings! I really think that the secret is in how we live the moments, and that’s one of my way to live. With my first pay-check I bought a camera and I began to explore the world in another way. I’ve been very encouraged by my friends who even offered me my first photography course! I don’t leave home without my camera, I’ll never know when that moment will come! I just know that this little window helps me to express what I have inside. Light Catcher as a friend calls me. I think I can accept that vision of me.”


Sara Ramos (10.27.83), born and lived in Olhão, Portugal, but recently changed all her life to live abroad.

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