Women Empowerment: educational workshops for Jordanian women in rural areas

As part of the Al-Hayat’s work with the Jordanian civil society, the “Women Democratic Empowerment” is a project that aims at providing the tools and competences for women to become active participants in their communities. The project entails many education activities, one of them being a series of workshops addressed at women from rural areas.

The first of these 3-day workshops already took place, last week in Amman. This weekend’s workshop is currently taking place in Jerash. The next and final workshop will be held in Aqaba.

During the first day of the workshops, Al-Hayat staff briefly explains view, mission, goals and activities of the center and of the project itself.

Attended by 30 rural women, the workshops start with the session on Human Rights, Women’s Rights and Women’s Right for Political Participation. The attendees are trained on Human and Women’s Rights’ terms and concepts, international conventions and declarations, and they actively participate in working groups and interactive exercises proposed by the trainer.

During the second day, the rural women are introduced to the topic of Peer Education, by being informed and trained on communication and facilitation skills in order to be able to perform them in the upcoming Kitchen Meeting (the second step of the project) sessions they are going to held in their own community.

The third and last day of the workshop, the training focuses on the Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB), including sessions about definition and terminology of Public Budget, gender and GRB, in addition to analysis tools and best practices for gender budgeting. After that, the attendees are divided in working groups to implement the new knowledge and skills learnt during the theoretical session.

Two of CaBuReRa’s TG2 participants permanently involved in the Women Empowerment program are currently working in this project, providing assistance and logistical help to Al-Hayat’s staff.


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