Yalla, Amunì!

caburera_palermo_Nairouz (4) resI am Nairouz  Al-Ghishan , I’ve studied interior design and visual art and I’m now participating in the CaBuReRa (Capacity Building Relay Race) project, which is funded by ENPI. It takes place in six Euro-Mediterranean countries: Italy, Greece, Portugal, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon. The project is aimed to provide us an international and local work experience, so finding a job later could be easier. I’m spending 3 months in Palermo-Italy, then I’ll spend 3 months in Jordan.

At the beginning, when I applied for the project, I wished to be placed in Portugal. My second choice was Italy, so after the interview when I was told that I would be doing my internship in Italy, after feeling a little bit of disappointment I became excited. But before moving to Sicily, I had some fears concerning my flat mates and my roommates because they would be total strangers to me and I didn’t know how I would handle different cultures. Only after one day, I discovered that my fears were unfounded and I got along well with all types of people and I immediately felt at home.

The experience is really nice: meeting people from around the world, working and living with them, learning their cultures and learning Italian. Through this experience I’m really improving myself in many ways.

I’m really happy and thankful for this mobility, and I would apply for it again and again and again if I could, because I’m learning a lot. I feel like I’m getting closer to my goals and I’m getting to know myself more during this mobility by understanding many things I didn’t know before, things that sometimes were already inside of me; at the same time I’m discovering new things I’m able to do.

Well, about my expectations from this experience:

  • Learn Italian
  • Improve my English
  • Meet new people, learn new things and know more about their culture
  • Be more serious and accurate in my work
  • Write projects, because I always have a problem with writing. To find the right words and put them together, it’s really hard to start something like that but I’m trying.
  • Know about other training courses I can take in the future, to improve myself more and more through experiences.
  • Work on giving my work experience back to my country.

I also joined this program so I could have more experience in dealing with different kind of people,because someday I would like to be able to teach other people in being more self confident, helping them to improve their ability of public speaking.

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